2019 Evergreen Meeting

The 2019 meeting is tentatively scheduled for August 2019. It will be held here at The Evergreen State College.

We will have a registration form in January 2019 for people to register for the conference. Filling out the form will be mandatory in order to receive any and all assistance for the conference. There will be a second form available for travel information, which will be mandatory to receive any and all housing and travel assistance. The two are separate forms because we understand that not everybody has their visa when they register. The forms are required because we work with over 200 people every year, and the forms ensure everyone can be helped appropriately.

If you have registered, and are no longer able to come, remember to email us at tescphage@gmail.com.

We highly encourage all people who have visa-free access or a visa longer than one year to the United States to buy their flights as early as possible, in order to save you money and so the conference will run smoothly. We recommend using Google Flights to find affordable flights to Seattle, Washington for the conference. Capital Aeroporter has been our reliable partner with getting people to this conference for many years and they provide a direct bus from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to the Evergreen State College dorms, and is the easiest and most affordable way to get to the conference.

Please refer all questions regarding the meeting to tescphage@gmail.com as this account is accessible to the team.