Phage Therapy Resources


  • Time Magazine had a good article explaining how phage therapy offers a path to fight the antibiotic resistance crisis. December 2017
  • AmpliPhi has just signed a Collaborative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the US Army Medical Research and Development Command and the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research for developing and commercializing phage-based therapies to treat drug-resistant bacterial infections.
    Wall Street Journal, July 2013
  • The Phagoburn project is a broad collaboration between industry, government, academia and a patient support group that is using phage produced by Pherecydes Pharma to target Pseudomonas and E.coli in burn centers in France, Belgium and Switzerland.


Steve Abedon maintains a a website with a wide range of phage therapy related resources.

Randy Wolcott operates the Wound Care Center of Lubbock, Texas which conducted the one FDA approved phase one clinical trial to date in the United States and occasionally employs commercial Eliava phage on a compassionate use basis.

For the past several years, there have been two Phage Therapy Centers in Tbilisi which treat foreign as well as Georgian patients with a particular emphasis in employing phage therapy wherever it is appropriate for effective treatment:

  • The Eliava Phage Therapy Center: Located on the grounds of the Eliava Institute, offers a team of physician specialists in the fields of Internal medicine, urology, gynecology and pediatrics, whose treatment strategies emphasize the use of bacteriophage as the cornerstone of complex medical service, and can also work together with local hospitals where necessary. They are linked with the Eliava Institute and its other spinoff companies: the Diagnostic Center, the Phage Production Center which prepares the commercial phage cocktails sold in Georgian pharmacies and used in hospitals, a Compounding Pharmacy that isolates and prepares patient-specific phages where necessary, etc. They also work with international physicians and their patients where appropriate. International coordinator Naomi Hoyle.
  • The Phage Therapy Center in Tbilisi: coordinates phage treatment for a wide variety of acute and chronic infections, particularly those confounded by poor circulation or antibiotic resistance. Founded in 2003, it has its own clinic which deals with prospective patient medical records, conducts bacteriological tests and tests of effectiveness on the various Eliava and Biochimpharm commercial phage cocktails, arranges with the Eliava Institute for isolation of specific new phages if that is necessary, makes arrangements for patients with appropriate physicians and medical centers for each patient’s needs, and helps organize travel for international patients.
  • The Institute of Immunology and Experimental Therapy in Wrocław Poland: Offers therapeutic phage services including patient specific isolation and identification of bacterial strains, phage sensitivity testing of patient bacteria, and the preparation of phage lysates for therapeutic treatment. The institute has works with phage against Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia, Klebsiella, Enterobacter, Proteus and Pseudomonas. Contact Dr. Andrzej Górski for more information.