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Break Week Hours






Instructional Photography

 Darkrooms | Digital Imaging Studio | Photo Studio

week one limited hours
 Photo Services 

Store | Lab Production

Monday: 10 - 5 Monday: By appt only (college business only)
Tuesday: 10 - 5 Tuesday: By appt only (college business only)
Wednesday: 10 - 5 Wednesday: By appt only (college business only)
Thursday: 10 - 5 Thursday: By appt only (college business only) 
Friday: 10 - 5 Friday: CLOSED
Saturday: 10 - 5 Saturday/Sunday: CLOSED
Sunday: 10 - 5
Note: Certain areas of Instructional Photography are blocked out at certain times of the week.
Photo Services is open by appointment only during break weeks. For info email
Use the online reservation system to book ahead and assure for yourself. (Blocked out times may be available on a walk-in basis)
 Photoland is CLOSED during all school holidays, see Academic Calendar

what photoland offers…