Ain’t it great to be alive!

Now showing in the library

Ain’t it great to be alive!

The Nuclear Freeze Movement in Thurston County and Beyond

produced by Ryan Richardson

Ain’t It Great To Be Alive! from TescMedia on Vimeo.

The Daniel J. Evans Library presents an exhibit and round table discussion about Thurston County Nuclear Freeze activism of the 1980’s– featuring Thad & Jo Curtz, Helena Myer-Knapp, Lisa Johnson and Tim Kelley. November 5th, 2015.



The items in the exhibit come from the Thurston County Nuclear Freeze Campaign collection donated to the Malcolm Stilson Archives and Special Collections in the library.


The exhibit highlights the local,  national, and international Freeze movements and their strategies toward obtaining a nuclear freeze and disarmament.


The complete collection includes the organizational and business records of the Thurston County Nuclear Freeze Campaign as well as key journals, newspapers, pamphlets, advertisements, materials from the Freeze Vote ‘84 campaign, and more.





For information on the collection,  please see our

                Nuclear Freeze Guide:


                or contact Andrea Heisel (

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