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Now Showing in Galerie Fotoland – Ken Tabbutt


    Galerie Fotoland proudly presents Ken Tabbutt’s second exhibition of photography.       Tabbutt has taught interdisciplinary geology programs and served as an administrator at The Evergreen State College for the past twenty-five years. His show Landscapes After Sunset is a series of 15 images taken during his travels as a geologist. After […]

Paul Lee – Design for Walls, Screen, Curtains, and Other Security Blankets


September 29 – Dec 1 Galerie Fotoland The Evergreen State College Location: 1st Floor Library Lobby       Gallerie Fotoland is proud to present Paul Lee’s alluring and haunting designs in his series Designs for Walls, Screen, Curtains, and Other Security Devices. The events depicted are from crimes around the country, some high profile and […]