Galerie Fotoland presents Liz Sales

Reno Dakota, copyright Liz Sales

Home, Itself, Strange

69 Synthetic Portraits by Liz Sales

Opening Reception: March 15th 5pm-8pm
Exhibition: March 15th – April 30th

Galerie Fotoland

                   Daniel J. Evans Library Lobby 1st Floor
2700 Evergreen Parkway NW, Olympia, WA 98505

I Think I Need a New Heart, copyright Liz Sales

Home, Itself, Strange is Liz Sales’ series of 69 synthetic images converted from a thirty-second video portrait.  Sales (class of 2001) combines the data in each still frame with audio data from the Magnetic Field’s three-volume album, 69 Love Songs.  Sales reinterprets image, audio, and text data; allowing for the integration of essential information from each song into each image.  Each image is hand labeled to indicated its corresponding song.


Liz Sales is cataloged as a bibliographic items with International Center of Photography Library. A bibliographic item can be any information entity (e.g., books, computer files, graphics, realia, cartographic materials, or in Liz’s case, Liz) that is considered library material as far as it is relevant to the catalog and to the patrons of the library in question. Liz is the only human being recognized by the Library of Congress as a library holding and has an assigned Library of Congress and ISBN #.

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