One Minute with Peter Bohmer

Peter Bohmer (right) talks about Political Economy and Social Movements at the Fall 2012 Academic Fair. He describes the class as a critique of capitalism and the study of how people organize together to create a better word. — Shauna Bittle photo

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This week we sat down with Evergreen faculty Peter Bohmer to talk about the spirit of political engagement at Evergreen. For more than two decades, Bohmer has worked with students on both examining the status quo and finding ways to organize with the aim of effecting change.

In our latest One Minute Evergreen, Bohmer shares his thoughts on the importance of tempering critical thinking with compassion, the effectiveness of grass roots movements, and his dedication to working with students who will remain politically active in the long term.

This piece also features some of our favorite images from the Evergreen Picture Archive of politically active students and faculty over the years. We hope you will watch, and enjoy.

Daisy Montague sings protest songs to the crowd with the help of her friend Natsuki Kikuya. Students were protesting the Iraq war and the use of Olympia’s waterfront for war purposes. — Evergreen Picture Archive

A group of students hold signs reading Stop Key Stone Pipe Line XL at the 2012 graduation ceremony. — Riley Shiery photo