Food, Health and Sustainability

Faculty Martha Rosemeyer (at right) discusses spices with students in the program Food, Health and Sustainability in the Sustainable Agricultural Lab at Evergreen’s Organic Farm. — Shauna Bittle photo

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Last week, we got a call from faculty Martha Rosemeyer who invited us to visit her program Food, Health and Sustainability as they cooked together in the lab at the Organic Farm. The students had worked on creating nutritionally balanced one-pot meals. During our visit last Friday, they were learning to add a layer of complexity to their dishes by using the distinctive flavors of several different cultures including India, South America and Asia.

We filmed and photographed as the students chopped, sautéed and simmered; and our mouths watered as the flavors of their dishes came together over heat. After cooking, the class ate together family-style and we were lucky enough to get to sample the delicious fruits of their labor.

Martha Rosemeyer took a few minutes of the day to sit down with us and talked about how important it is to apply the study of food science to cooking at home, and creating meals that are both exciting to taste and good for the body. Her words and our images are featured here in our latest One Minute Evergreen. Enjoy!

Students carefully fill bell peppers with a mixture of quinoa and chicken before baking. Each group was assigned a different cultural cuisine and used the spices and staples of that cuisine to make a unique dish. — Shauna Bittle photo

Food, Health and Sustainability students carry their meals from the lab kitchen to the farmhouse. The class ate family-style and everyone had the chance to sample all the dishes created by their classmates. — Shauna Bittle photo