Photo of the Week

By photographer Moses Dane, student in the Greece and Italy program. Photo of the Week for the week of Jan. 21st.

Photoland is a busy place this quarter with seven different classes either focusing on photography or integrating it into an interdisciplinary program. It seems we’re seeing more students and more student work than anytime in recent years, and the buzz of creativity energizes the space.

Instructional photo interns Race Dillon, Emma Tronier and Emily Hoppe have been seeing some great work coming out of the darkroom and digital imaging studio. The quality of the work inspired them to resurrect the Photo of the Week contest, open to all Photoland students. They accept photo submissions at their office each week until Wednesday at 1 p.m., then select the picture during their afternoon staff meeting.

This week’s selected photo is by Moses Dane, who is a student in the Greece and Italy program. Photo Intern Race Dillon, who helped select the photo says:  “This uniquely framed photograph shows Moses’ attention to light. He further enhances this with his use of contrast as well as dodging and burning techniques done in the darkroom.  Moses has captured a resonating stillness in an everyday moment.”

Congratulations, Moses!