One Year of Photographing TESC

It’s been a year since I moved back to Olympia to take a job as Evergreen’s Staff Photographer. I came back because, like most of our students, Evergreen was a formative institution in my life. It is the place where I honed my critical reasoning skills and found my love of communications media; and I knew I could apply both to documenting this unique and passionate community. In the course of my first year here, I have had the opportunity to photograph seminars, classes, clubs and field studies. I’ve shared many of these with followers of the Inside Evergreen blog through multimedia pieces like the One Minute Evergreen series; but even those capture just a fraction of what I’ve been able to document in my time here.

To celebrate my anniversary, I’ve put together a One Minute on…well, me. This one features some of my favorite images from the year, and a little bit about what drew me back to Evergreen. I hope you will enjoy it.