One Minute with the Evergreen Shellfish Club

Nate Bernitz, Co-coordinator of the Shellfish Club (at far left) leads a work party at the Evergreen Beach. The club started a shellfish farm on the beach in July of 2012. — Shauna Bittle photo

This month marks the one-year anniversary of the Shellfish Garden at the Evergreen Beach. The garden is a project of the Evergreen Shellfish Club, which organizes students and volunteers to grow oysters and clams in the tidal flats along Eld Inlet.

In honor of this anniversary, we accompanied the club down to the waterline on a rainy summer day. The group checked on the growth of their young oysters, and transferred them to new bags in order to see how they will fare under a different growing technique.

Club co-coordinator Nate Bernitz took a few minutes out from the work to talk with us about the club. He points out how shellfish reflect the health of the local ecosystem, and how in growing them, the club members become better stewards of water quality and the Puget Sound.

Take a minute to learn about the Evergreen Shellfish Club. If you want to join them, they have several upcoming work parties–and anyone interested is invited. Follow the Evergreen Shellfish Club on facebook to learn more.

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