Creating the Curriculum: 2014 and Beyond!

Faculty talking in front of the curriculum wall

Faculty post their ideas for several years of future programs on a long paper wall in the Library building lobby on Weds., Nov. 6, 2013. The project was brought about by the Long-Term Curriculum DTF in the hope of increasing planning transparency and conversation about future plans. Photo by: Shauna Bittle

You may be asking yourself, “What’s with all the paper on the wall in the Library Lobby?”  We asked the same question. The paper on the wall is what the Long Range Curriculum DTF is calling the “Curriculum Wall”. The wall was created as means for faculty to come together and visually lay out their plans for the next few years of the curriculum. This process has allowed for open communication. Creating the chance for faculty to collaborate, students to give their input and the ability for the deans to efficiently see what divisions are included.

Many years ago before the remodel of the Library building there existed a bulletin board near the deans offices that served a similar purpose. In the process of the remodel the board disappeared. To try to revive that open communication and collaboration amongst the faculty the curriculum wall was born. From what we’ve seen thus far the wall has achieved it’s goal and will have a positive influence on the future of the Evergreen curriculum.

There are post-it notes available at the wall for students to share their thoughts and ideas about what they would like to see in the future curriculum. There are also the  “idea balloon” sheets for faculty to float their less formed visions for possible future programs. These balloons will open up conversation about developing those visions into reality.  This wall will remain intact until the end of the quarter to allow ample time for the sharing of ideas. The hope is that from these shared ideas a new and exciting curriculum will blossom.