campus photography

Photoland is now without a staff photographer, so our ability to serve the college through photography is greatly diminished.  Staff photographer Shauna Bittle is now working half time under Marketing and Communications.  We regret any inconvenience this may cause to the Evergreen community.  [wooslider slideshow_speed=”6.0″ smoothheight=”false” direction_nav=”false” slide_page=”evergreen-pictures” slider_type=”slides” overlay=”natural” thumbnails=”default” link_slide=”true”] Photo Services has been providing photography for the college since 1971.  Images are created to show the nature and character of college life and scholarship, and are used for marketing, documentation, and news.  Other services include staff and faculty portraiture, multimedia, and editorial photography for Evergreen Magazine.         For questions or further information, contact:

Shauna Bittle, Photographer office: L1302 360 867-6280 email www