In Memoriam- John Filmer

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John Filmer welcomes Marine Biology students aboard the Resolute on Weds., Jul. 17, 2013.. Shauna Bittle



In Memoriam- John Filmer

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  1. John taught Management and the Public Interest several times in the ’80’s, and he was on my team maybe threee times. John was a colleague of at least a couple iterations, and he changed his name to match. Before I worked with him, he was John, the science-engineering guy. When he joined our team, he insisted on being called Bob. We jokingly called him “John Bob”, which he tolerated but didn’t like. He was an unfailingly pleasant and stalwart team member, who took up whatever challenge we gave him; we could always count on him. He brought his experience with the Port of Seattle to our program, and both colleagues and students were enriched by it. Bon Voyage, John.

    Ginny Hill December 7, 2015 at 2:24 pm #
  2. I had the pleasure of being John’s program secretary for the last eight years. He loved teaching Business Entrepreneurship, and hands on teaching through sailing, which greatly benefited his students. Besides all this he was a great guy, who took the time to have meaningful conversations; we all can speak to his feistiness and willingness to fight for what he believed in. My heartfelt empathy is with his family and friends. You will be dearly missed Captain John Filmer!

    “A Ship in Harbor is Safe but That’s Not What Ships are Made For…”
    —John A. Shedd

    Sheila Sawyer December 8, 2015 at 11:37 am #