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Rites of Passage

Alex Y. Mauricio, from the series “A Family of Guardians”

Now on display, just a few great examples from Jean Mandeberg’s and  Evan Blackwell’s program Rites of Passage: Ceramics and Fine Metalwork.  Take a study break and explore the intricate and fanciful works in the display cases.

A student carefully crafts a work of art in the Fine Metal Studio. Andrew Jeffers photo

Keaton Donovan, “Katana Wakizashi Tanto”

The students in the 2012-13 program Rites of Passage have been studying for two-three quarters, focusing on three-dimensional studio art materials, and investigating ideas about the celebrations, ceremonies and often age-related events that we remember through associated objects and images.

Artists are the ones who make the plaques, vessels, amulets, awards, medals, portraits, etc. that pass through the memories of generations, and these objects are often made using ceramics or precious metals. The work on display in the library cases demonstrate many hours of research, seminar, skill development,design, and critical exploration of ideas through tangible materials.

                                                     — Evan Blackwell and Jean Mandeberg


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