inkjet printing in Photoland

Photoland Printing DIS-9

We break inkjet printing into three categories


  • Personal payment (no budget orgs) lab aide assisted printing in the DIS during open lab hours: Proper image preparation is the responsibility of the creator, though actual printing is managed by a lab aide. Payment accepted only through pre-established student accounts, credit (online or through Photo Services) and cash*


Sample Prices:

8 x 10: $1.44

16 x 24: $6.40

20 x 24: $8.00

30 x 44: $21.00

44 x 60: $42.00


  • Academic Program Poster Printing through Photo Production Services: Photo Services ONLY accepts properly sized and formatted PDF’s for work assumed to represent student projects. File conversion and adjustments will be charged on an hourly basis, so please work with appropriately sized PDF’s! This is billed to your budget org#, and cost is the same as the DIS D.I.Y. rates–turnaround is usually one to three days. Our Poster Printing Authorization Form must be file out by a staff or faculty member before printing will be completed.


  • Custom, satisfaction guaranteed printing through Photo Production Services: We accept virtually any image file format, printed to your desired size. Photo Services accepts payment through budget org#s, credit cards or cash* –turnaround is usually one to three day.


Sample Prices

8x 10: $4.80

16 x 24: $16.00

20 x 24: $20.00

30 x 44: $42.00

44 x 60: $84.00


*Cash payments must be made directly to Cashier’s Office


TIP—our paper comes on rolls, in 10”, 24” and 44” widths. Knowing this may help you plan for more efficient printing.