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Melinda Hurst Frye-Underneath


April 15 – May 26, 2017 GALERIE FOTOLAND THE EVERGREEN STATE COLLEGE Location: 1st floor library lobby, outside Photoland “There are other worlds around us. Too often, we pass through them unknowing, seeing but blind, hearing but deaf, touching but not feeling, contained by the limits of our senses, the banality of our imaginations, our […]

Poison Dart Frogs and Other Panamanian Wildlife

caimen small

Gallery Photoland (outside L1310) Nov. 20th – Dec 1st Koichi Kitamura Gallery Photoland is pleased to present Koichi Kitamura’s recent photographs from his research project in Panama.  The experience was one of the most gratifying and influential aspects of his academic career and one he will never forget. He left with a renewed sense of […]