We Support the Gallery

'Child with Toy Hand Grenade in Central Park', by Diane Arbus - part of Evergreen's collection

Our students, staff and faculty  have shown great concern about the precarious funding status of our Evergreen Gallery, the campus wide exhibition space that introduces our community to new, curriculum relevant works, and maintains our important permanent collection.  Support for its director, Ann Friedman, and the gallery itself may lose all funding after December of next year.


Zoe Kolln and Pamela Davis are two students that saw the need to initiate a petition drive.  You can read Greener and alumni comments, and show your support here.


In Pamela’s words,  “Evergreen has some amazing art facilities to offer to students wishing to pursue art, but without the gallery I believe a lot of potential students will choose another school. The lack of a gallery will have a grave impact on the school’s reputation. It sends the message that Evergreen doesn’t support the arts.”


Zoe states “As a student studying visual literacy, art history, and various media, it is incredibly invaluable towards my educational goals to have a dedicated space to view and engage with artwork here on campus. The gallery is important in the retention & attraction of students and since Olympia does not have an art museum, the presence of each and every gallery is necessary.”