Location: Library 1310
Phone (360)867-6274 (Photo Center) (360)867-6272 (Photo Production Services)

“Photoland” is the pet name for Evergreen’s Instructional Photography and Photo
Production Services. These areas provide academic and photo production support
for the Evergreen State College, and offer limited access for the local community.
Access—Facilities can be scheduled by the lab aid, or online through Schedule Evergreen.
You do not need to enroll in a specific class or program to use the space. Evergreen
members may use the Photo Center free of charge. Community members are
granted access on a space available basis, and pay either a daily or quarterly fee.
Please inquire about payment ahead of time during normal business hours. All users
are required to check in with the lab aid before beginning work.

Our Facilities:
Darkrooms—These include a large state of the art B/W printing lab, daylight
film developing area, and a Noritsu V30 film processor
Digital Imaging Studio (DIS)—Offers 13 high end, color-managed workstations,
film and flatbed scanners, and two professional ink jet wide-format printers.
Photo Studio—Features 3 individual shooting bays and professional flash
systems. Currently this area is only available to advanced photography students.