Instructional Photo

(360)867-6274 | L1310

Instructional Photography includes a new facility for wet and digital photography. For conventional darkroom work, it includes black and white film and print facilities, a color darkroom with private enlarger suites and an automated 42″ RA processor, a three bay photography studio, copystands, finishing area and critique room. While some proficiency training is required for the use of any of the Photo Center’s equipment, these facilities are available to entry-level students.

The Digital Imaging Studio (DIS) is a still imaging, graphics, and web design lab open for use by Evergreen students, staff, and faculty. Located on the first floor of the library building, our facilities include twelve PC workstations, many flatbed and film scanners, and two exhibition quality large format inkjet printers.


This facility is available for workshops, classes, independent experimentation, and community use.