So, I remixed the final mix! haha

I took the advice given to me by our class and Terry. I also added a little something 😉


Green Rivers ft. Kwaku Owusu and LegaC Jones


^^^Click That^^^

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Week 10 Mix!

aaaaaaaaand we’re done!

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Week 6 Mix

What’s going on? I got to work on the song What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye, and fell in love with Motown music all over again!

Download (ZIP, 6.89MB)

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comic relief. nerd style


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send my sails some breeze

We’re having a good mixing session. I think we’re about to use an oscillator to try and figure out how to use this rack for out-the-box compression, but now we have to beware of the delay!!!!!IMG_20140812_112646

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These Speakers are so unforgiving!

Yesterday, I played a drop-in assignment we had on week 6 and it sounded great on my monitors at home. Not so much in these powered Mackie speakers. Lesson learned: mix heavy low frequencies at least around 80db. I almost blew out the speakers! It was Terrible! (Charles Barkley voice) IMG_20140813_100825

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What the?…

This, my friends, is a rack. It has a cd burner, some mic and line inputs with loops. How can we use this? We have an idea, but we haven’t actually used it yet. I’m gonna! #Compression1407878463814

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we are doing a lot more now!

We are micing a drumset, a bass, and 2 guitars today. It is pretty awesome, and we are finding a million ways to make these live instruments sound different. We all have different tastes, but there are definitely people whose opinions matter a little more because they know more. That’s why we learn!

What's going on today

What’s going on today

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I think I’m getting it!

Working in the control room of the studio has been super informal. I feel like I miss some things because I don’t always have a clear line of sight to the boards. We’re moving though!

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Studio Time!!!

Who knew that there was so much involved in music recording? I think that the end-user is being fed a superbly high-tech way to do some very complicated stuff. I feel like a lot of the knowledge is nostalgic, but learning the 1608 mixer has helped me to understand how the signals are actually moved and manipulated throughout the process.



It looks cool too!

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