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Check us out on Facebook!

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The Shellfish Club is now primarily using our facebook page, facebook.com/shellfishclub to notify the community of our current events and activities.  Check out the page to see photos and keep updated on the cool shellfish stuff we do on a weekly basis!  Hope to see you on the tideland!



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1st Ever Evergreen Community Shellfish Garden Plot Outlining and BBQ

Posted by: | May 3, 2012 Comments Off on 1st Ever Evergreen Community Shellfish Garden Plot Outlining and BBQ |

 This Sunday May 6th, @ 12 noon The Evergreen Shellfish Club will be meeting up at the proposed plot of the Shellfish Garden to overview and stake out walkways and the perimeter of the garden, as well as discuss the potential future of the space pending approval from the vice president of TESC with the current recommendation from the Campus Land Use Committee.  We will be BBQing shish kabobs and anything else anyone wants to bring.  A map of the proposed plot is included in this email, we are meeting at the north end of the beach around 12pm it is going to be a minus 3 low tide, hope to see you there

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Hama Hama Oyster Rama

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Hama Hama Oyster Rama is being hosted at Hama Hama Oyster Farm in Hood Canal this Saturday from 11am-6pm! Evergreen Shellfish Club is invited for volunteering the event contact derek for possible ride share and get on the the volunteering list derekeking@gmail.com or 3602092044.

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Henderson Inlet Community Shellfish Farm Workparty

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Henderson Inlet Community Shellfish Farm(HICSF) work party tomorrow harvesting and preparing Pacific Oysters at HICSF in Henderson Inlet 10am-1pm. Contact Derek (derekeking@gmail.com, cell:209-2044) for driving directions or for rideshare. Hope to see you there!

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Great Quarter for the Shellfish Club!

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Wow, it seems like yesterday we had our first Interest Meeting at the beginning of Winter Quarter and Spring Break is upon us.   Lets recap the events and accomplishments of this last quarter:

  • Hosted a opening Interest Meeting, and established Weekly Thursday Meetings at 4pm
  • Created flyers, banners, Facebook page, Google Group Account, Blog/Web Site  to advertise and provide outreach for the Shellfish Club
  • Attended Startup, Event Planning, Finance and Budget workshops to be able to register as a RSO(Registered Student Organisation)
  • Hosted two field trips: Henderson Inlet Community Shellfish Farm, and Taylor Shellfish Processing Plant
  • Hosted two events: a night intertidal walk by headlamp, and an expert  intertidal beach walk during the day with PSRF Ecologist Brian Allen
  • Obtained Start-up Budget, and Applied for Operational Budget
  • Proposed the Community Shellfish Garden plan to the Campus Land Use Committee – plan to meet again in April with more support and evidence

We had a busy quarter but we got a lot done, a great beginning for our club and the future of shellfish’s role within the Evergreen Community.  We will have many more events and activities with the spring weather in front of us.

Great Job and Thank You to the Shellfish Club and Supporters!


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Welcome to The Evergreen Shellfish Club website/blog!

Posted by: | April 1, 2011 Comments Off on Welcome to The Evergreen Shellfish Club website/blog! |

Almost the end of the winter quarter and our site is finally up and running.  We will be keeping track of club activities, meetings and events through this blog news feed so stay posted. Check out our other pages on here  for club event pictures, shellfish relevant resources and information about our club.

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