Manager meeting notes 5/18/2012

Present: Aaron, Tony, Rip, Jamie, James, Rob
Absent: Susan

IT Security Plan: Performed our annual exhaustive review and update of the college’s IT Security Plan.  James will finalize the edits/updates.  The updated document will be shared with those requiring this information as it relates to their job duties and resend to C&C management team.

Ticketing System Update:  We have been looking closely at KACE appliance and ticket/asset management system.  Rip and Jamie reported on their trip to UPS to look at their implementation and to learn from their experience using this product.  At this point, we are very interested in moving forward toward implementation given a few last questions to answer.  Rip will get hardware specs to Network Services to make sure we can virtualize and Rip and Jamie will finalize purchase and begin planning the workflow migration.