Management team minutes 6-1-12

Present: Aaron, Rob, James, Jamie, Rip, Susan, Tony
Reviewed and Updated IT Business Resumption Plan.
This took the entire three hours.  Resultant to-do items include:
  • Contact Noel regarding RMS/Spacebook alternative strategies in case of outage event
  • Compile management team call list and submit call tree to police services
  • Ask for contact info on key business leaders outside of FAD to add to Aaron’s contact list
  • Each manager should have an emergency response folder with appropriate materials.  Jamie let it be known that she would compile these
  • Aaron will connect with colleagues at CWU and EWU to explore possible alternative locations for off-campus hosting sites in level 2/3 event.
  • Rob will update document when there is a contract to support PBX recovery services.
  • Aaron to finalize/print document

Budget review:
Sara will send out report for next week’s meeting to review end-of-year budgets.  Didn’t get to this today.