Sophos Threat Message

This is information on a recent issue we experienced with Sophos, the anti-virus program we use on our computers here at Evergreen. This message primarily applies to Windows-based computers.

Some of you may have noticed Sophos notifications on your computer this afternoon in the form of a balloon in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen (most were referring to an item called ‘Shh/Updater-B’). These notifications reported potential threats to your computer. However, there is NOT a virus going around campus and you computer is not at risk by this ‘threat’.

This desktop notification was caused by an update that Sophos released earlier today that inadvertently views all updater programs as a potential threat, which causes the notification message to open on your desktop. Sophos is currently working on an update to resolve this. We are working on turning off desktop notifications from Sophos until they resolve this issue.

You do not need to take any action on these messages; simply close Sophos and continue working. If you encounter any issues or have other concerns, please contact the Help Desk at 360-867-6627 or via email at