Webfiles server upgrade

Project Summary:

This project is to take the shared web server files on paint (nfs://var/data_files) and place them on a dedicated server running in VMWare.   Separating paint’s functions into separate virtual machines will allow us to separate cpu/network/memory/io resources and thereby be able to identify and isolate problems.  The VMware system has the possibility of having more I/O bandwidth and redundancy.

We will move the nfs mounts in a staggered period over the week of February 1st – 7th.

If something doesn’t work, the files for that service will be left on paint until the problem can be resolved.   In order to complete the goal of getting off of the old hardware, paint will be made into a virtual machine.

Project Owner:

Jason Harris, Network Services

Groups Involved:

  • Network Services
  • Academic Computing
  • Admin Computing
  • Housing
  • Web Team
  • Others TBD

Estimated Completion Date:

February 14th, 2014