Email Gateway/Spam Filter Replacement


The license on our current email gateway/spam filter is expiring soon and the hardware is approaching 5 years and support is ending. The Ironport appliance we currently use is a fantastic product with no equal and we have decided to replace the existing system with the latest version of the same product. Our current setup consists of 2 appliances but only one is licensed. The second serves as a spare in case of hardware failure. We only purchased one new appliance and we will keep the other two as spares. We keep the spare on and fully configured. Cutover is planned for 12pm, on Wed Feb 12th. This will result in a short period of less than 5 minutes where the off-campus mail flow is queued while we transition. No mail will be lost. Queueing is a normal and expected behavior for mail systems.


This project covers only the replacement of the hardware and configuration to exactly match the current configuration on the same software version. We are not making any changes to the configuration or functionality. The intent is zero impact to users and dependent systems.

Project Manager: Joe Pollock

Team: Network Services

  • Barbara Caswell
  • Joe Pollock

Groups Involved

  • Network Services
  • Client Services (could be impacted by help desk calls if there are problems)
  • Academic Computing (could be impacted by help desk calls if there are problems)
  • Administrative Computing (could be impacted by automated mail failures if there are problems)

Start: Feb 3rd, 2014

Completion: Feb 12, 2014

Project Plan on Hurricane\PCCommon