Relocate offsite backups


We will be moving two of our ExaGrid appliances to the Tacoma campus for storing offsite backups. The ExaGrid replication targets currently reside over in SEM II while the primary ExaGrid backup targets are in the machine room. This required us to first determine how much bandwidth was required to keep replication caught up and then to get the WAN link in Tacoma upgraded to 100Mb.


The project will not change the backup process – only the destination for offsite backups from another building on campus to the Tacoma campus. This should not impact end users at all.

Project Manager: Josh Jordan

Team: Network Services

  • Josh Jordan
  • Dan Scherck

Groups Involved

  • Network Services


Start: March 1st, 2014 (estimated)

Completion: April 4th, 2014 (estimated)


Mar 1st-16th – Dan will verify link speed between Olympia and Tacoma campuses and enable QoS rules in order to make sure ExaGrid replication traffic does not impact normal business traffic. He will also configure the necessary switch ports in the Tacoma network closet.

Mar 17th – If Dan’s testing and configuration has completed Josh will notify Albert Villemure at ExaGrid about the upcoming move and coordinate the IP address changes that are needed.

Mar 24th-28th – We will disable throttling on the SEM II link so replications can fully catch up. Then, we will notify the IT System Outage group that offsite backups will be unavailable during the move. Josh will then get keys and physically move the ExaGrid appliances to the Tacoma site and connect them to the network. Once connectivity has been verified Josh will do a test backup and monitor replication. ExaGrid will be notified when the work has been completed so they can monitor the replication as well.

Apr 2nd-4th – Josh will verify that backups are replicating at an acceptable rate to the Tacoma ExaGrid devices.

any updates will be added to the documentation here: \\hurricane\pccommon\Computing and Communications\ExaTac_Migration