IT Leadership Meeting 7/24

As a way to better communicate with the campus, the IT Leadership Team is trying something new; posting our notes here regularly.  Please let us know if this is useful!

  • Discuss the open position in Enterprise Apps – Considering opening the vacant position in Enterprise Applications with a lead analyst/programmer position with an ERP focus and with strong infrastructural background to support the development team.
  • Argos and Reporting needs – Reviewed the Argos presentation and the college articulated need for better access to institutional data. Tony is in continued conversation with campus leadership around a direction we will take moving forward.
  • C&C communication proposal – Discussed providing feedback from our meeting to technews as a weekly digest of the discussions from the C&C Leadership Team. This is a way for us to communicate the discussions from the C&C Leadership Team more broadly.
  • EME Parts Room status/strategy – EME is still in the process of coordinating the dismantling of this space and the inventory. This will require tracking the inventory changes and EME is still working on setting this up. There remains a question what the future of Service Ledger is and how this application is being used in conjunction with changes in recharge/inventory management.
  • Networking proposal – Discussed life safety project and a network design based on current usage calculations done by the Network Services team. There is a surprising low level of traffic across much of the campus except for a few hotspots such as CAB, second floor library C wing. Also reviewed where (which IDF’s) 10 Gig connections would be most likely to installed since the cost for the 10 Gig transceivers is magnitudes more expensive than the lesser throughput transceivers.