IT Leadership Meeting 8/1

There is so much going on across the college and within C&C it’s hard to track all the details. The Leadership Team meeting that was scheduled for an hour lasted 2 and a bit.  We were joined by Brant from Purchasing to discuss some of the big changes that are hitting our customers. Below are the highlights. As always please feel free to contact us for questions or post them below.

IT Acquisition
We are working through the nuances of our IT purchase and acquisition process in light of retirements and reorganization. We are exploring how best to partner with the Purchasing office to provide standard pathways for most common purchases (and C&C maintains those standards) and that exceptions would then go to the leadership team to review and approve or deny. Purchasing suggests that Banner approval queues might be the appropriate place to catch non-standard requests (changing from an acquisition tool to an approval tool). We have established standards around computer workstations and have authority to manage these standards as supported by the Appropriate Use policy. It get’s fuzzier around printers, software services, etc. Banner could be set up for users to mark items as standard or non-standard and purchasing could catch those items that have been improperly marked. This could open the door to a deeper conversation and documenting the exceptions. Purchasing is waiting for the return of the Finance Director to work out the details on coding and configuring Banner to provide possible pathways. Like so many things at Evergreen currently this is going to continue being an iterative process and we will all need to continue to over communicate with customers, stakeholders and folks in the Purchasing office.

Printing Analysis
Purchasing is still collecting information on detailed printing expenditures for the college. Once this information has been collated, Purchasing and C&C will collaborate on the analysis and move forward with next steps.

Extended Warranties
Academics is talking about dropping extended warranties on Academic computer purchases. Will other departments do this too? At some point soon we need to make a decision about whether or not we can provide out-of-warranty repair in-house or surplus broken equipment at the cost to the Org that purchased the equipment. A business analysis on the number of extended warranty repairs will help guide this conversation and a decision.

Linux Server Architecture
We are revisiting the way we architect, automate and deploy our server infrastructure. Conversation brought to light the need to organize a strategy between Network Services and Enterprise Application to determine the intersections for collaboration. Rip and Michael to organize and report back.

CAS and SAML – SSO Direction
We need to continue to build the strategy regarding our SSO infrastructure (CAS 5, SAML) moving forward with the growth of external and in-house apps and IAM on the horizon. It was suggested we review the F5 product to inform a pathway towards a more robust single-sign on architecture and the ability to associate non-college credentials with users AD credentials.