C&C Leadership Meeting 8/14/2018

The majority of the time today was spent reviewing and revising last years goals and documenting strategic goals for the upcoming year. There is a whole lot of moving parts and critical work going on that are engaging the teams and our continued challenge is to focus on the highest priorities and keeping our projects moving. Next meeting will be primarily focused on developing clear objectives for the leadership retreat. One more month before faculty are on contract!

PCcard Handbook review
Visited by Brant from purchasing and reviewed current PCcard handbook. We decided on broad guidance language around admissible procurement strategies for technology purchases via pccard and how to deal with restricted IT purchases. The team will provide direction to the Purchasing office on language updates and submit to Tony and revisit how this is working in 3 months.

Review FY18 C&C Goals
Team reviewed year end goal document in order to report out C&C yearly accomplishments to the community. We also worked on developing new goals for the next year based on the enrollment recovery and revitalization goals set by the institution. We will continue to work on this strategy work at the leadership retreat.

Review retreat topics
Saved this topic till next week.

Standing Items
Reviewed standing issues with regards to personnel, budget, upcoming critical dates and project deadlines.