Notes from the Leadership Retreat August 28

Review Organization workflows and staff changes

We discussed at length the long-term idea of bulk purchasing computers out of a central budget once a year to save money and standardize equipment purchases. To do this we will need to do a budget analysis and write up a proposal to put in front of VP’s for budget adjustments and clarity around what the college needs to allocate for future years. This is a long-term planning goal that would hopefully be both a value and service add to the college

To finalize this plan, MDM encryption setup will need finalization across the enterprise. We anticipate this being finalized in order to change the repair strategy for all macs and meet state requirements for shipping out unencrypted harddrives.

This year in which we are transitioning, we will drive to institute an annual hardware upgrade for each division if possible. We will track all warranty information in Kace, and if a machine is broken, we will ship out if under warranty but otherwise the customer will need to purchase a replacement. We will make a best effort to diagnose and do standard repairs on anything younger than 3 years old (but will need to develop the list of acceptable repairs).

Both Network Services and Enterprise and Academic Technology Groups are functional with regards to staff changes but will require clarity from leadership to promote new workflows with the staff changes. We will also need to proactively break down the few remaining silo’s and engage more broadly in building and promoting specific collaboration opportunities across teams.

Academic and Enterprise Technologies groups are both hiring vacant positions. The EA developer analyst position is close to recruitment and works is being done to expedite the search for a new Technology Support Center Manager as soon as possible.

Develop Goals for 2019

The team spent considerable time Updating goals for FY 2019 based on new campus strategic initiatives. We met with the new Vice President for Finance and Opperations and reviewed topics relating to strategic projects and shared what we are planning for the coming fiscal year. As part of this exercise we reviewed the use of the tool we are collectively using to track and manage projects (Redmine) and have decided on a reorganization and data tracking. To whit, we will flatten the structure to remove the workgroups as target versions and add new fields:

  • Target Version = fiscal year
  • Status = same as now
  • Stakeholder engagement (scale)
  • Technical complexity (scale)
  • Risk (H/M/L)
  • Level of Effort (number of hours)
  • Teams (EA,NS,AT,EME)
  • Deadline driven? (y/n)

Other Items of Interest

Training: Focus on populating training needs for next year. Management will update and connect with staff on the highest need areas and ensure our staff continue to get appropriately trained in core technologies

Reviewed specific project milestones and focused heavily on the Identity Management Project. We have a problem in getting enough capacity with project management to keep this project moving forward. The colleges new Life Safety Project has taken a hit from the project management role from IAM and will continue to tap that resource. We will connect with the vendor to see if we can extend our work. We hope to provide them the employee information now to start building a test environment and focus on student provisioning starting January 2019.