C&C Leadership Meeting 10/2/2018

Hey Everyone, here are the notes from the most recent C&C Leadership meeting on Tuesday. Have fun!

  • Reviewed personnel issues and changes, new hires are now being advertised in Enterprise Applications for a new developer/analyst position and the Manager position within Technical Support Center. For more information on these job announcements, check out Evergreen’s Human Resources website
  • Backing up Oracle DB – We are reviewing and moving forward with a design and security review for a purchase of an AWS instance to backup our Oracle DB. Currently the Oracle backup processes done in house are not meeting the institutional needs. This is encrypted both at rest and in transit, and we can require all data reside in the US. We also have choices of what geographical region if we need to specify that.
  • Finishing up classroom A/V refreshes. This work has not impacted academics. EME techs are doing well covering all support needs. We have an issue around evening and weekend support and how Academics want’s to deal with this in light of staff cuts (and that this has been spotty in the past regardless)
  • We are getting our PM fees reestablished from facilities (3% of minor works budget) which translates into more training opportunities for staff. We are discussing Educause and Gartner IAM training opportunities as well as security and leadership/management training. We are looking at getting our staff signed up for these events.
  • IPMA Meeting next week. Dr. Brown will be presenting Transparent Leadership as part of the IPMA technology series out at Saint Martins. Looking forward to getting a bunch of IT management staff to attend!
  • Reviewed C&C Goals and Objectives prior to the FAO AVP retreat this afternoon. We reviewed the prior documented goals and made a few minor changes.
  • Review purchase and acquisition workflows – The team reviewed new proposed workflows for technology purchases across the college. This is being considered as a template for SAL and FAO to adopt, hopefully bringing other divisions on board.