C&C Leadership Meeting 11/28/2018

I apologize to those who read these regularly, I have not had a chance to catch up with all the notes and meetings lately.  Please feel free to comment with any questions and have a great wrap up to the fall quarter. Enjoy.

Scheduling/Vacations: Reviewed end of the year meetings and schedules. As Tony, Rip, Phil and Scott will be at the Gartner Identity Management Summit in LV, there is no meeting next week. We will meet the following week and because of vacations and other priorities, we will not be meeting until January.

Personnel/Hiring Update: Discussed new recruitment efforts that are wrapping up. The good news is that Andrew Su has been offered and accepted the position as the new TSC Manager!  A veteran C&C and Support Center employee, Andrew brings significant skills and knowledge to the TSC. Congratulations Andrew! He will start on Dec 17th.

The new developer/analyst position is close to an offer, hopefully that position can be offered, accepted and the new employee can start before the end of the year. Fingers crossed. There is a huge backlog of work and the Enterprise Applications team is excited about getting another veteran coder working on all of our projects.

Life Safety Project: We reviewed in detail the Life Safety project and how we are managing staff resources around this project which is quickly evolving with regards management and vendor changes. This project is exacting considerable resources from both Network Services and EME teams, and trying to determine (and pay for) resources to support this vital work has been incredibly challenging.

Review Tech Request form: Reviewed the draft request form in detail and made substantial changes and updated the logic and wording. The goal is to provide a one-stop shop for the entire campus to request technologies, whether this be a computer or a cloud service or a Wireless TV. We hope to provide a streamlined process that is integrated with Kace and with Purchasing so that customers searching for tech resources will be able to get the consultation they need and allow C&C to provide direction on standards like accessibility, support and security. Rip will finish the updates then send out the information to Academic Leadership and then start shopping this to the other division leads.