C&C Leadership Meeting 12/11/2018

What a busy few weeks!  Below are the rough notes from our meeting today, please feel free to comment or pass on. Happy Evaluation week, be safe and have a great holiday!

  • Reviewed Schedules We reviewed staff outages and various personnel issues. Everything is quiet right now with a couple of new staff coming on board next week. C&C holiday potluck is tomorrow (Wed) at the longhouse. Also reviewed budget updates, Microsoft payment (20k more this year) and smaller expenditures we are evaluating for renewal strategies including Filemaker, Sassafras, and others.
  • Student Staff at the TSC editing directory: Redirecting to *editors who don’t know/aren’t trained to do this is time-consuming and expensive. We could either code this (via a request form that would email editors with change requests) or centralize the work with student staff at the TSC. The recommendation from the C&C Leadership team is to allow TSC staff (including tech 2 level student staff) to update information at the request of a supervisor via a ticket. We should consider how this application could be integrated into AD or MIM once IDM is functional. This is also predicated on maintaining the update access as it exists today, and on creating and maintaining clear documentation that is made available to people who currently edit this app as a reference of how to maintain their workgroup information.
  • Review/finalize Request workflow: and put into production, including link from my.e.e and help.e.e. The outcome from the meeting is that we will put help.evergreen.edu into my.evergreen.edu and send out a message to the campus regarding this change. This will be done without the new request form integrated. The complete integration of this workflow will take place in January which will also include the removal of the existing computer request form used currently by Academics.
  • Printer support question from the Security Team From Security Team: I don’t know where to go with this as it seems that no department really ‘owns’ printer maintenance and security. Security vulnerabilities in these devices seems to be a growing issue. Is there any chance you could bring this up in the Management Meetings so ‘we’ (the security team) knows if we are on the hook for trying to resolve/patch these vulnerabilities or not?.
    All printer support is centered and triaged from within the TSC. EME will be the responsible party for security patching for the college, Ken building his skill set in prioritizing patching the most vulnerable hardware via JetAdmin. Network Services still manages the Printer queues. Michael will ask Barbara and the Security Team to address the question: What are the JetAdmin management capabilities for controlling wifi (configuring and managing printers) and if it does not support the security needs to our satisfaction what are the other available options. C&C Leadership is looking for a recommendation on what system is best for securing desktop attached printers. To be clear, the security team is not going to be responsible for patching vulnerable printers, this work will be done by EME.
  • Discuss request from Student Success Marketing Group for on-site IT support for Saturday, April 27, 2019 Advising and Registration Day. This would only be possible if we could trigger DUC account creations more frequently to allow for accounts to be automatically generated. Apply via CRM or Banner and we will run the DUC process one time (say at noon?) so their accounts are then active? They will then need to figure out what people’s accounts are and they would need to go through orientation steps before they would be able to register. There is a need for lots of personnel to accommodate this event as well as significant system support. Michael will provide some input to Susan and we look forward to continued dialog regarding this event. He will also check in with Keith and Barbara regarding running DUC more frequently from the monthly.
  • New development environment for EA The development team has made the decision to move from a Php/Drupal development stack to a Python/Django stack. This will be a multi-year conversion effort but the decision was based on a two-month team exercise. The team will be building all future (and converting) all apps using the new technology stack.