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Planned system maintenance Wed February 28 @ 3:00am

Starting Wednesday morning at 3:00am Computing & Communications will be performing planned maintenance on the hardware that is home to Banner, our Student Information System. Banner is an integral part of Evergreen’s academic and administrative technology systems including the class registration system, the online evaluation system (ORS), the time certification and leave system, the payroll system, and the budget/ finance and advancement systems.

What you can expect: Starting at 3:00am, these systems will be offline for approximately 1-2 hours to complete maintenance. During this time, there will be no access to Banner INB, Class or Wait Lists, Evaluations, Time & Leave, Budgets & Finance, or Web Payments. Please let me know if you want additional information or if there are critical processes that will be affected by this maintenance.

PaperCut now in the Computer Labs

Evergreen is releasing a new print management system starting winter quarter 2017. Students in the Library, Computer Center CAL and Tacoma computer classrooms will see the roll out of PaperCut to replace our old GoPrint system for print release. Papercut  boasts a host of new options for print management, including an eco-dashboard for people to see the immediate impact of their printing footprint. It also supports mobile printing in a much more user-friendly way than GoPrint so students can print from any device  by using PaperCut’s Mobile print service.

There is also now a print count that you can see every time you print, which allow you to see how many prints you have made over the course of the quarter.  There are ” page limits” at 1000, but once you run out a tech at the Computer Center can quickly reset that limit if you run out.  Please contact us at and let us know if you have any questions or comments.  This is now live in the Computer Center and the CAL and we are refining the options for the Library and Tacoma to be rolled out a little later in the quarter.

Office365 Project Update

Some have asked, what’s the news with all that talk of migrating Evergreen email to cloud Microsoft Office365?  Here’s the deal. Computing and Communication (C2) staff worked very closely with Microsoft over the course of spring quarter and into early summer with the intent to go live with the new services before fall. Unfortunately, in the testing phase we discovered some flaws with some of the underlying technologies that we rely on to automate and manage these processes, The result is that we are re-evaluating a new timeline based on the need to upgrade these core legacy systems. Our focus has turned to re-architecting these systems which we refer to in the collective as Identity and Access Management (IAM). This will be the most pressing C2 project over the next few months and once this is completed we can turn back to Office365 and providing all those services to students, faculty and staff.

Discourse (Greener Commons) updated

The software driving Greener Commons was updated this morning to Version 1.3.0 beta, you may have noticed a new look.  This release changes the look and feel, condensing and simplifying the interface for navigability.  This update also fixed a number of bugs and was driven by performance enhancements.  Please check out and let us know if you have any questions.  In addition, there is currently a survey up to get feedback on this new community forum.  To add your feedback and to help us determine next steps with regards to this pilot project, go to and look for the Greener Commons survey link on the right hand side.

Moodle and Canvas will both be available 2014-2015

Moodle will be maintained through the course of the 2014-2015 academic year.  Moodle will not be upgraded (just patched with security updates) so it will not change again from the current version.  At the end of spring quarter Moodle will be discontinued as a learning management system (LMS) for the college but the data will continue to be available to faculty for at least a year from this date.

Canvas, as a cloud service, is updated every 3 weeks and so as such is a dynamic and changing environment.  We will be doing faculty trainings throughout the year, check out for a link to the faculty orientation course and information about training schedules.  We look forward to the new opportunities with Canvas!


Canvas Pilot Project

Project Summary:

Conduct an academic-year long pilot project to test the functionality and feasibility of using a hosted Canvas instance as a replacement for in-house Moodle as the college-wide Learning Management System (LMS).  Assessments will be done throughout the project and a recommendation will be made to senior staff week 6 of winter quarter 2014.

Project Owner:

Rip Heminway, Academic Computing

Groups Involved

  • Academics (Faculty/students)
  • Academic Computing

Estimated Completion Date:

March 2014


Documentation share on \\hurricane\acadcomputing\projects\canvas

Discussion Board Pilot Project (Greener Commons)

Project Summary: Based on the recommendation of the Internal Communication Work Group, “We recommend that the College pilot an electronic bulletin board, Greener Commons, to afford all members of the community a current and dynamic venue for connecting with each other virtually. An electronic bulletin board would give community members the opportunity to subscribe, post, and receive communications via email or view information and participate in online discussions via a website.”

Academic Computing agreed to review possible applications to serve the needs of the pilot project, make a recommendation and host the application.  After reviewing three open source alternatives that would work within the Evergreen infrastructure, (phpBB, Buddypress and Discourse) the recommendation was to use Discourse as the pilot application.

Project Lead: Rip Heminway, Academic Computing

Groups Involved:

  • Student Affairs
  • College Advancement
  • Computing and Communications
  • Others TBD

Estimated Completion Date:

(Tentative) Winter Quarter, 2014



Great complimentary technical training with!

Evergreen students, staff and faculty have free access to hundreds of online software tutorials at courtesy of Lynda Weinman, ‘76. Evergreen community members can now receive unlimited access to a vast library of high-quality, current, and engaging video tutorials taught by recognized industry experts, simply by logging into and selecting the link under the “Community” heading. offers hundreds of video tutorials for an enormous range of software including:

  • AutoCAD
  • SPSS
  • Excel and other Office products
  • ProTools and Logic
  • CS5 (Photoshop, InDesign)
  • C++ and Python
  • and lots lots more..

With a account you can save your progress on the lessons and receive updates via email. It’s a great way to improve your skills, learn new technologies and experiment. adds 24 courses per month, so there is always new stuff to discover.  Check it out and thanks Lynda!!

WordPress upgrade on Sept 11

WordPress will be upgraded to version 3.4.2 this Tuesday morning between 7am and 8am.  This will provide some new features, the most exciting one being really improved in-line contextual help.  The outage will be less than an hour, thanks for your patience and let us know what you think the next time you go to

For more information on what this upgrade means, go to and to see the changes and new features.

Faculty Technology Fair Sept 12

The 2012 Tech Fair summer faculty institute is close at hand.  The fair will be held Wednesday September 12 in the Computer Center, which we will close down for the entire day so the whole facility can be dedicated to this event.

The plan is for there to be four categories of concurrent activities from 9-4. Our plan is to offer four different types of activities that would include:

  1. One hour roundtable discussions,
  2. One hour presentations/interactive workshops,
  3. All day assisted project work with colleagues, teaching partners and staff,
  4. and help desk assistance and training if you bring your laptop.

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