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Notes and posts from the C&C Management Team

Management team minutes 6-1-12

Present: Aaron, Rob, James, Jamie, Rip, Susan, Tony
Reviewed and Updated IT Business Resumption Plan.
This took the entire three hours.  Resultant to-do items include:
  • Contact Noel regarding RMS/Spacebook alternative strategies in case of outage event
  • Compile management team call list and submit call tree to police services
  • Ask for contact info on key business leaders outside of FAD to add to Aaron’s contact list
  • Each manager should have an emergency response folder with appropriate materials.  Jamie let it be known that she would compile these
  • Aaron will connect with colleagues at CWU and EWU to explore possible alternative locations for off-campus hosting sites in level 2/3 event.
  • Rob will update document when there is a contract to support PBX recovery services.
  • Aaron to finalize/print document

Budget review:
Sara will send out report for next week’s meeting to review end-of-year budgets.  Didn’t get to this today.

Management Team Notes 5-25-12

Present:  Jamie, Aaron, Rob, Tony, James, Rip
Absent: Susan

Budget Review – took a quick look at remaining balances.  Need to take a closer look at 341/equipment budget with Marshall.  Also need to update the Training/Equipment budget in Org 347.  Aaron will ask Sara about doing another C&C Budget report and if she can update the Org 347 spreadsheet (may need to wait for Marshall).

James will look at what it might cost to upgrade the switch for Skunkworks to an HP.  Might cost a little more but it will provide better network management.  Also Rob will look at what it might take to do fiber to Skunkworks. Continue reading

Manager meeting notes 5/18/2012

Present: Aaron, Tony, Rip, Jamie, James, Rob
Absent: Susan

IT Security Plan: Performed our annual exhaustive review and update of the college’s IT Security Plan.  James will finalize the edits/updates.  The updated document will be shared with those requiring this information as it relates to their job duties and resend to C&C management team. Continue reading

Manager meeting notes 5/11/2012

Present: Aaron, Tony, Susan, Rip, Rob
Absent: James, Jamie

All FAD Meeting:  Aaron is asking that we gather some old computing and technology equipment to display at the All FAD meeting on May 24.  If you have anything kicking around, take it to Aaron’s office and deposit it on his table. Continue reading