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Things that are new or being introduced for the first time

PaperCut now in the Computer Labs

Evergreen is releasing a new print management system starting winter quarter 2017. Students in the Library, Computer Center CAL and Tacoma computer classrooms will see the roll out of PaperCut to replace our old GoPrint system for print release. Papercut  boasts a host of new options for print management, including an eco-dashboard for people to see the immediate impact of their printing footprint. It also supports mobile printing in a much more user-friendly way than GoPrint so students can print from any device  by using PaperCut’s Mobile print service.

There is also now a print count that you can see every time you print, which allow you to see how many prints you have made over the course of the quarter.  There are ” page limits” at 1000, but once you run out a tech at the Computer Center can quickly reset that limit if you run out.  Please contact us at and let us know if you have any questions or comments.  This is now live in the Computer Center and the CAL and we are refining the options for the Library and Tacoma to be rolled out a little later in the quarter.

Time and Leave Upgrade is Mobile Friendly

Beginning Monday, October 3 the Time and Leave system at Evergreen will have an updated look and some enhanced views for supervisors. Computing and Communications, in partnership with Human Resources and Student Employment, is very excited to report that the Adobe Flash dependency that prevented many of us from accessing our Leave Requests or Time Tracking on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets is no longer an issue. Updated help articles, including videos, will be available via the Computing Wiki at Enjoy!

25 Live

Project Summary:

This project is to upgrade the current room scheduling software (R25).   The current product is a combination of desktop applications, web services, and databases.   The new software allows for all functionality of the product to work on web services.   This reduces the amount of management and administrative overhead, and it makes it more accessible to a larger audience.

Project Owner:

Kirk Knittle, Facilities

Groups Involved:

  • Network Services
  • Facilities
  • Web Team

Estimated Completion Date:

January, 2014


TBD – Documentation share on \\hurricane\pccommon\r25live

Great complimentary technical training with!

Evergreen students, staff and faculty have free access to hundreds of online software tutorials at courtesy of Lynda Weinman, ‘76. Evergreen community members can now receive unlimited access to a vast library of high-quality, current, and engaging video tutorials taught by recognized industry experts, simply by logging into and selecting the link under the “Community” heading. offers hundreds of video tutorials for an enormous range of software including:

  • AutoCAD
  • SPSS
  • Excel and other Office products
  • ProTools and Logic
  • CS5 (Photoshop, InDesign)
  • C++ and Python
  • and lots lots more..

With a account you can save your progress on the lessons and receive updates via email. It’s a great way to improve your skills, learn new technologies and experiment. adds 24 courses per month, so there is always new stuff to discover.  Check it out and thanks Lynda!!

Testing Canvas as a possible Moodle replacement

There is a new player on the field for learning management systems and this one is called Canvas. Academic Computing will be doing a limited pilot project this spring that will evaluate the utilities and fit with Evergreen’s online needs. Stay tuned for updates on this and please feel free to let us know your thoughts!