I updated and replaced material all over the blog. I added new character and set design scans in the gallery as well as posted content I’ve been meaning to for weeks. Due to being blown of the water by the crazy productivity of my fellow AA Production Group Members in the group meeting with Sally today, I’m trying to get my head on straight and start getting serious progress under my belt. I’m working on updating and organizing of my schedule to configure it to the current time frame I have for set and prop construction and detailing. I’m pushing shooting back but condensing it into a straight 2 week shoot before the 45 minute work in progress presentations at the end of the quarter. I will also be shooting straight through evaluation week and spring break. This has been worked out with Sally, Shannon, Stephanie, and others students interested in using the 3-D Lab. I must allow sufficient amount of time to finish the construction and detailing of the physical animation elements, especially since I am collaborating on these aspects. I also spoke with Amy green today about some aspects to the version of wordpress we are using. She’s going to look into installing a plug-in to embed Picasa slide shows and as well as a less glitchy more customizable flash video embedder. I’m going to Mike’s house tomorrow to work on the furniture and set elements. I’ve also been taking tons of production pictures that I will work on uploading very soon. I also updated the High Strung Wiki with more current information.

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