Intro: Artesian Commons Park

April 6th, 2016

1:35 pm

It’s already sweltering, considering the long and gloomy winter, and my body hasn’t quite adjusted yet. There is so much life to this block, primarily the well, even though the park really is just a cleaned-up patch of asphalt. Crowds are shouting while they play basketball and blast music. The ball echoes, while the regulars go about their routines, either participating or contemplating. The well is forever flowing, and there is a divide. An out of place chain link fence blocks off one half of the park, as if there is going to be some modifications to the park. In comparison to the regulars, Olympians with a bit of a different vibe come and fill up glass jars and plastic five gallon jugs with the well water. They do their business and stay clear of the energetic park-goers. Urban myth remains that if you drink the water you will always return to Olympia.




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  1. peaste28 says:

    I have never been down to see the well and the park though I have heard a lot about it, though I have never heard that myth. I will have to drink some! I want to make it down one of the days I am out and about.

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