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Make a new page, don’t break the old links

With the arrival of summer, many CMS editors are working on improving the contents of their web pages. Sometimes, while you’re working on rewriting a page, you want to leave the existing page alone. But it’s not always easy to keep all your links working when you make the new page live!

We’ve had the same problem, and we have some handy instructions we’ve written up on the Computing Help Wiki. Check out “Creating a new page for testing” — let us know if you have questions or need clarification.

Happy editing!

Today’s tip: prevent publishing

If you have a page that’s not yet ready to be seen by the whole world, or if you’re holding onto a copy of a page that’s been removed from the website, you probably don’t want it to be published.

But if you publish a whole folder…then everything inside it gets published. 🙁

It doesn’t have to be that way! You can set any page, file, or folder to remain unpublished. Check out our new wiki page, Preventing items from being published, for instructions.

Checking for broken links

Several people asked about that in the survey we sent out before the next User Group meeting. Here’s two ways to check for broken links:

W3C Link Checker: if you want to test several pages, check “Check linked documents recursively, recursion depth” – setting the recursion depth to 1 will check all the pages linked in the side navigation.

Firefox Link Checker Add-on: allows you to see the status of links for the page that you’re visiting. Right-click on the page, or click on the Tools menu, and select “Check Page Links”