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What is she saying?



Show me the way, and I will follow.

“Heed my images. My lens through which I show you the world around you.” – Ari I asked the Book of Changes if I should pursue a certain path. Its answer. Contemplation. Irony?

Trash for the taking –

“The ground is dusty, little patches of yellow grass poking up here and there, bits of small litter scattered randomly across the dry field.” – Ellie We take advantage of our home, or family, our community, our friends, our grass,… Continue Reading →

“Then the sound of felt tip against paper, leaving trails of black behind.” – Nikki Does helping have a sound, and if so, what sound am I making?

What do you hear?

“I’ll take any form of sincere acknowledgment that I can get.”  – Allesandro Sometimes it feels like nothing works.  You can be calm, collected, rational, logical, thoughtful, truthful.  And yet, nothing changes. People see what they want to see. People… Continue Reading →

My Son

What my son has taught me: To appreciate life and be thankful To be happy To be strong What the worst pain imaginable feels like How to love unconditionally How to be mean and loving at the same time All… Continue Reading →

The Step-Sister

Things my step-sister taught me: How to lie How to fight How to clean How to do drugs Things my step-sister did not teach me: How to tell the truth What to wear

The Step-Father

Things my step-father taught me: How to shoot a gun How to ride a motorcycle How to summarize large sections of history books at the age of five To love to read To lighten up How to camp How to… Continue Reading →

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