Blog Prompt: Week 10

Due: 8 (or 9) posts. Due Wednesday, Week 10, 11:00am.


Assemble a narrative from the blog posts you’ve written this quarter.

There are three parts to your final blog assignment:

Part 1: Clean Up and Tag Your Posts

  • Review all of your posts from the quarter. There should be a total of 45-63 (9 weeks of prompts x 5-7 posts).
  • Make sure your posts are correctly categorized according to the week they were written.
  • Make sure none of your posts are categorized as “uncategorized.”
  • Make sure that all the categories appear in your blog’s primary menu.
  • For most of you, there should be categories for Weeks 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 and “Blog Narrative”…but if you did not go on the field trip, you will also have Week 5. If you haven’t already, you need to add this category and make sure it is in your Custom Menu…refer to the How-To instructions on this topic.
  • Tag each post to identify reoccurring themes, subjects or ideas.
  • If you have not repaired or addressed any technical problems with your site called to your attention by faculty or a classmate, now is the time.

Part 2: Cumulative Blog Narrative

  • As you review and tag your posts from the past weeks, select one representative post from each of the 7 (or 8) weeks for which you were assigned a prompt.
  • These posts are the elements (events) of a cumulative narrative. Together they should tell a kind of story…the story of your independent creative inquiry.
  • There is no need to alter the original posts, though please do correct any typos. Simply categorize them in the new “Blog Narrative” category, in addition to their original category. Do not remove them from their original category! A post can be in more than one category. The posts you choose will magically appear in two places on your blog: in their original weekly category and in the new category.

Part 3: Process/Artist’s Statement—the 8th Post

  • After you’ve selected a post from all 7 (or 8) weeks, write a new, final post to serve as a culminating statement—a kind of postscript—for this creative inquiry you’ve been engaged in throughout the quarter.
  • Categorize it in the “Blog Narrative” category.
  • Because it will have been written last, it will appear first in the list of your “Blog Narrative” posts, will provide context for the posts and for the blog as a part of your broader creative endeavor this quarter, and also will lend a sense of completion or wholeness to the body of your work.

Blog Prompt: Week 9


5-7 posts, uploaded to your blog no later than Friday, 10:00am.


Again using the looping technique practiced in class and given once before as a generative blog prompt, use the writing of your classmates—or your own writing—as a leaping off point. Revisit a post you want to take further or examine from a changed perspective. Go somewhere you haven’t before. Go deeper. It’s your last chance.


  1. Every day, read a variety of your own and your classmates’ blog posts from the previous weeks.
  2. Every day, select one of these posts to use as the leaping-off point. Choose posts that inspire you in a variety of ways.
  3. Draw one line from the selected post.
  4. Write this line on “a fresh page” outside the blog environment.
  5. Write for 5 minutes, drawing from your own experiences, questions and observations.
  6. Read what you just wrote. This is not your blog post.
  7. Pull forward one line.
  8. Write this line on “a fresh page.”
  9. Again, write for 5 minutes.
  10. This still is not your blog post.
  11. Select a line.
  12. Use this line to start the final loop; write it on a fresh page.
  13. Write for 5 minutes.
  14. Reread this. Still not your blog post.
  15. Now, having done all this generative, exploratory work, write again—synthesize, refine, edit. Craft a finished paragraph that synthesizes the ideas, feelings, observations and images that issued from the loops. To “craft” is to pay attention to the ways form and content work together to convey meaning. This final short piece may be a “snapshot,” a scene, a nugget of insight, a series of questions…something that feels complete in its own way.
  16. This is your post! Copy and paste it into your blog.
  17. IMPORTANT: At the start of each post, before your own finished writing:
    1. write the original line you used as your inspiration in quotes,
    2. credit the author by first name only,
    3. hyperlink the line to its source. Use Hypertext How-To for help.

Note: A “Looping How-to” has been posted separately. It provides a tiny bit more guidance on the looping exercise.

Blog Community Service:

Throughout the week, read and respond to your classmates’ posts. Remember, critique is reserved for structured workshop settings.

Formal Requirements:

  • Posts may include images and text.
  • All content must be original—of your own making.
  • There is no minimum or maximum length for this assignment. Keep the publishing format in mind.


What Sami taught me:

  1. Sister’s don’t have to share any parents
  2. Best friends are forever – even after a fight
  3. Time only strengthens relationships
  4. To stand up for myself
  5. The MOM voice
  6. Supernatural

What Sami didn’t teach me:

  1. How to move her out to WA with me
  2. How to enjoy days without her


Janie Roper

What Mrs. Roper taught me:

  1. How to write
  2. How to speak in front of people
  3. How to survive high school

What Mrs. Roper didn’t teach me:

  1. How not to procrastinate


Things Robyn taught me

  1. To love the color pink
  2. To be more girly
  3. To love all things slimy, creepy, and many legged (or with no legs – slugs)
  4. To be out going

Things Robyn didn’t teach me

  1. How to let her grow up (way too fast)

Wilma Jean

Things my granny-ma taught me

  1. Family is important and not created by blood
  2. How to cook and bake
  3. How to love the unloveable
  4. To be strong
  5. To appreciate every second given to you with the people you love because one day they will be gone
  6. To forgive the unforgivable – let go of hate/grudges/guilt
  7. To regret nothing – learn from mistakes
  8. To reach for a goal until you have it in your hands and then never let go
  9. Work hard and gracefully
  10. Never continue to be a victim

Things my granny-ma didn’t teach me.

  1. How to deal with not having her around
  2. How to get over missing her everyday
  3. How to fill the hole she left in my life


Things William taught me.

  1. Breast feeding is difficult but rewarding
  2. Babies do not come with a manual/and the books are full of crap
  3. Boys can shoot pee across the room seconds after you start to change their diapers

Things William didn’t teach me.

  1. How to do it all over with a second child
  2. When his sister would hit bench marks


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