What Sami taught me:

  1. Sister’s don’t have to share any parents
  2. Best friends are forever – even after a fight
  3. Time only strengthens relationships
  4. To stand up for myself
  5. The MOM voice
  6. Supernatural

What Sami didn’t teach me:

  1. How to move her out to WA with me
  2. How to enjoy days without her


Janie Roper

What Mrs. Roper taught me:

  1. How to write
  2. How to speak in front of people
  3. How to survive high school

What Mrs. Roper didn’t teach me:

  1. How not to procrastinate


Things Robyn taught me

  1. To love the color pink
  2. To be more girly
  3. To love all things slimy, creepy, and many legged (or with no legs – slugs)
  4. To be out going

Things Robyn didn’t teach me

  1. How to let her grow up (way too fast)

Wilma Jean

Things my granny-ma taught me

  1. Family is important and not created by blood
  2. How to cook and bake
  3. How to love the unloveable
  4. To be strong
  5. To appreciate every second given to you with the people you love because one day they will be gone
  6. To forgive the unforgivable – let go of hate/grudges/guilt
  7. To regret nothing – learn from mistakes
  8. To reach for a goal until you have it in your hands and then never let go
  9. Work hard and gracefully
  10. Never continue to be a victim

Things my granny-ma didn’t teach me.

  1. How to deal with not having her around
  2. How to get over missing her everyday
  3. How to fill the hole she left in my life


Things William taught me.

  1. Breast feeding is difficult but rewarding
  2. Babies do not come with a manual/and the books are full of crap
  3. Boys can shoot pee across the room seconds after you start to change their diapers

Things William didn’t teach me.

  1. How to do it all over with a second child
  2. When his sister would hit bench marks


observation 5

Reporter on Q13 – Walter’s here with our forecast and it’s sunny skies!

observation 4

Woman to husband on commercial: I love the counter tops!

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