Date: April 18, 2017


“The blue greens of the ocean are lost in her eyes.” -Berkeley.


With the sea spraying up mist from the crashing of waves I pondered the magnitude of particles that were contained in its force. The thought made me delirious and shake my head, trying to proceed to the next thought. I have been spacing out more than usual lately though it is not of big concern to me. In doing so I fall into a place that I’ve tried to tap into for years now.


May the currents sway my mind from idea to idea.

Searching for the right rhythm, the right vibration.

Life’s a Loop

“They say that those who do know history are doomed to repeat it.” -Tony


Repetitive motions caught amidst a deep seeded turmoil. Much of his life lived by this motto, and to this day it has yet to leave. With each step there was a hint of hesitation that was seen through the motion of his left leg. His head bobbed to a beat that no one will ever hear and if they did it wouldn’t click in their heads. He always had a job and worked his whole life though it never really worked for him. That’s what life is like when you are riding a rollercoaster while everyone else is playing on Teeter-Totters.