Date: May 19, 2017

Blog Prompt: Week 8


5-7 posts, uploaded to your blog no later than Friday, 10:00am.


For each post, choose an individual from your life, from literature, from your own writing.

Create a list of the things that individual has taught you; the list should be entitled, “Things That X Taught Me.”

Create a list of the things that the same individual did not teach you; this list should be entitled, “Things That X Did Not Teach Me.”

List items can be short or paragraph-long.

Lists can be in the shape of a list, or can run together as a block of text.

The post can be these lists, or you can “loop” an item from one list or the other in order to arrive at a more synthesized piece.

Blog Community Service:

Throughout the week, read and respond to your classmates’ posts. Remember, critique is reserved for structured workshop settings. Be respectful and encouraging.

Formal Requirements:

  • You may respond with images and/or text
  • All content must be original—of your own making.



Where did you come from/how did you arrive?

The drooping flowers greeted me this evening as I returned from work. I’ll take any form of sincere acknowledgement that I can get. Sitting in a chair that is positioned directly across from the glass sliding door acts as a mirror that I’d rather not have to face. And then I venture off to rooms shared on Eugene, OR craigslist.   

Mothers Day Dinner Table

“Son, the Lord has called upon me to visit China. Maybe I’ll get to see the Great Wall.”

Ex Girlfriends Salon

“Were you at the Northgate Mall about a couple weeks ago? I thought I could feel your essence.”

Bus Ride Home (41)

“Cams hours got switched, we swapped two months ago.”

Customer at Work

“I’ll wake up to the biggest, wettest kiss every morning. He’ll have his paws up on my pillow.”

Food Co Op Checkstand

“Old School….right? I feel like we’ve seen each other before.”