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Ex Girlfriends Salon

“Were you at the Northgate Mall about a couple weeks ago? I thought I could feel your essence.”

Bus Ride Home (41)

“Cams hours got switched, we swapped two months ago.”

Customer at Work

“I’ll wake up to the biggest, wettest kiss every morning. He’ll have his paws up on my pillow.”

Food Co Op Checkstand

“Old School….right? I feel like we’ve seen each other before.”

What are the consequences of silence?

A passiveness that can speak volumes. Giving up your turn because the fear of not being understood rises up inside of you. Hours of regret, constrained to you like your shadow. And a lot of “what if’s?”


Who was responsible for the suffering of your mother?

When dementia infiltrated my grandmother’s mind all we could do was wait and see where it would take her. It started with the youngest grandchildren and moved its way up the lineage. When it came to me I had seen it coming. For my mother it was different. The disbelief and melancholy I saw in my mothers eyes was enough to show me what its like to not be recognized by your own mother.

What do you remember about the earth?

Tiny ripples in a pond, vibrating the lily pad homes of frogs. Dense moss, moist from the constant rainfall that captivates the area I inhabit.

Exchange of secrets, tucked beneath warm covers on a night different that others. A white candle, in a red jar, illuminates the distance between us. It glows til we come together.

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