5-7 posts, uploaded to your blog no later than Friday, 10:00am.


For each post, choose an individual from your life, from literature, from your own writing.

Create a list of the things that individual has taught you; the list should be entitled, “Things That X Taught Me.”

Create a list of the things that the same individual did not teach you; this list should be entitled, “Things That X Did Not Teach Me.”

List items can be short or paragraph-long.

Lists can be in the shape of a list, or can run together as a block of text.

The post can be these lists, or you can “loop” an item from one list or the other in order to arrive at a more synthesized piece.

Blog Community Service:

Throughout the week, read and respond to your classmates’ posts. Remember, critique is reserved for structured workshop settings. Be respectful and encouraging.

Formal Requirements:

  • You may respond with images and/or text
  • All content must be original—of your own making.