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And so it began…

My blog posts have become a platform for my stream of thoughts. I view these thoughts as a conversation between my conscious and subconscious. They have acted as time in my day to engage in introspection, as well as awareness of my surroundings and self. Life can get to be so busy and flustered sometimes that I have cherished the time in which I can take a break. Should you chose to read through these posts I hope that what I have spilt out onto the pages resonate with you as they have with me.

(Some) Things Change

You never spoke much, but that makes sense since both of your parents had passed away before you were 6. Thinking about it now you never really had to, you spoke through your actions. Maybe that’s why we always went to the movies, you let the actors do the talking. It now seems that you are trying to make up for the lack of conversation, I’ll do my part. It takes two for a conversation.

Customer at Work

“I’ll wake up to the biggest, wettest kiss every morning. He’ll have his paws up on my pillow.”

What is the shape of your body?

Molded by howling winds, and bent by the rocks I was thrown against; my body has become an object welded by the natural. Layers unfold, blooming with the coming together of sun and showers. In the sweet summer it rises high above the ridges, dosed with alpenglow in the late evening. By the fall I am wilted, ready for a winter slumber.   


Everyone’s mouth is closed. The table is set for 4, only 3 are seated. Painted eggs and tulips decorate the table. Lights are off but but sun brightens the room. Fathers eyes are on the son. Mothers eyes are on the front door.


“The blue greens of the ocean are lost in her eyes.” -Berkeley.


With the sea spraying up mist from the crashing of waves I pondered the magnitude of particles that were contained in its force. The thought made me delirious and shake my head, trying to proceed to the next thought. I have been spacing out more than usual lately though it is not of big concern to me. In doing so I fall into a place that I’ve tried to tap into for years now.


May the currents sway my mind from idea to idea.

Searching for the right rhythm, the right vibration.

Life Falls From the Sky

“Female Rain” by Laura Tohe


When I was younger I would find such joy in riding my bike in the rain, and even though my mom didn’t like mopping up the mess I made when I returned home, she would always enjoy the smile on my face. Rain soothes me to sleep at night, provides the plants, trees and human beings with life. Water is life, and longevity lives between the connection. Through the mist one can unveil the secret behind the law of the land, intertwined with the beauty that surrounds.


Who is this, taping on my window in the middle of the night?

For it is the rain, that lives outside of time.