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Life Falls From the Sky

“Female Rain” by Laura Tohe


When I was younger I would find such joy in riding my bike in the rain, and even though my mom didn’t like mopping up the mess I made when I returned home, she would always enjoy the smile on my face. Rain soothes me to sleep at night, provides the plants, trees and human beings with life. Water is life, and longevity lives between the connection. Through the mist one can unveil the secret behind the law of the land, intertwined with the beauty that surrounds.


Who is this, taping on my window in the middle of the night?

For it is the rain, that lives outside of time.  


“The Weight of Nothing” by Amy Uyematsu


The zoom of cars crash down on the street outside

but silently you sit,

engulfed in the nothingness surrounding you.


You fall into trances often and

can’t shake the places you go upon entering,

even in your dreams.


Time left awhile ago

but it’s hard to say when exactly.


A stones vibrations contribute to the stir

in the universe. A tear always

finds its way home.


Thirst for water like tree’s,

ever present in the now.

If I could only find my umbrella..

“Power” by Audre Lorde 


Casted away by the sound of rain

is where I found myself dwelling in between the roots of trees,

like a sparrow huddled between the two pieces of wood

that make up it’s house.  

Waves of grass soothe the grin that sleeps on my face

understanding not the cause or end.


A split in the weather,

with April’s full moon beaming down on the trails

of rainwater that gather together for one last push.


Across the street in between two houses

there stands one whose last light went out,

a silent good night whispered to the wind.


Rain picks up again,

and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Scrumptious Post

“Ah, Ah” by Joy Harjo


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